Dr. Timothy Quinn has undertaken numerous initiatives and partnerships that are aimed at benefitting the public’s general health and well-being. These include Dr. Quinn’s Move Your Way, Mississippi Children’s Health Initiative, and more.


The Children’s Health Initiative partners and advocates seek to increase health awareness and to reduce health disparities in the children of our state by educating and informing children and parents of the importance of annual comprehensive medical exams. Many Mississippi children and teens fall ill due to chronic or acute diseases that are preventable and treatable by early diagnosis. Mississippi children are known to be more likely than their peers nationally to suffer from a wide range of debilitating diseases including obesity, asthma, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, seizures, mental health problems, vision problems, learning disabilities, and more. 

Yearly medical checkups are recommended by the American Academy of Family Physicians, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention for all school-aged children. Annual checkups allow medical providers to diagnose possible health problems in the early and most treatable stages of a disease or condition. 

The partners and supporters of the Children’s Health Initiative seek to encourage parents to provide comprehensive health assessments for their children.

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