Welcome to Quinn Healthcare Aesthetic Services


Feeling beautiful gives us confidence in who we are, who we want to be.

Founded in 2021 by Melissa Quinn MBA-HCM, Quinn Healthcare Aesthetic Services is a specialized division of Quinn Healthcare that focuses on aesthetic well-being. Originating as a weight-loss service for high-BMI patients, we’ve expanded to include minimally invasive procedures aimed at enhancing physical appearance. Our goal is not just to help you achieve a healthier weight, but to empower you to look and feel your best, boosting your self-confidence in all aspects of life. Aesthetic services at Quinn Healthcare are administered by Gabriel Ibarra PA-C, under the supervision of Sonya Thompson MD, a certified provider in aesthetic and Botox services. This collaborative approach ensures quality care and helps us maintain the highest standards to protect our clients and uphold our malpractice insurance requirements.

Our Services

General Botox Services

Botox Units of Botox Price
Brows/Brow Lift 4-5 $50
Bunny Lines 4-5 $50
Crows Feet 20-30 $250
Forehead 20-30 $250
Glabella 15-30 $250
Hairline 5-10 $125
Gummy Smile 4-5 $50
Lip Flip 4-5 $50
TMJ 30-40 $350
Underarms 50 $500
Buy a Bottle & Pick your Treatments 100 $850

Specialized Botox Treatments

Botox of Scalp Edges $125

This technique helps to keep your scalp dry to preserve various hair styles to include silk presses and keratin hair treatments.

Lip Flip Using Botox $50
Botox for Under Arms $500

(Includes the treatment of both arms axillary areas (arm pits) for excessive sweating for a condition with the medical diagnosis of hyperhidrosis.)

Other Cosmetic Treatments

Lip Fillers $500

Lipo Injections (fat dissolving):

  • This technique can be used on multiple areas with stomach and neck area 
  • Consultation based 
  • (average for abdominal area – $200 to $500)
  • (average for neck area – )
  • Please also note that we host pre-wedding or bachelorette events and do a group price.
Profhilo $350
PDO Smooth Threads $100