Timothy Quinn, M.D.

Family Doctor | Ridgeland, MS

Dr. Quinn is Medical Director of Quinn Healthcare, PLLC.  As a family physician, he thoroughly understands the human condition and utilizes effective communication, teaching, and interpersonal skills to empower patients to make significant lifestyle changes to improve their health.  Dr. Quinn serves as the Principal Investigator of multiple clinical trials for Merck and Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical Company.  During the past two years, Dr. Quinn has worked with the Mississippi State Department of Health on several grants including Pre-Diabetes and Chronic Disease Quality Initiatives.  He is a member of the City of Jackson Medical Taskforce, as well as the collaborating physician for the City of Jackson Employee’s Clinic.  Dr. Quinn is also a collaborating physician for Cigna Health Springs.  He developed and is currently leading the Children’s Health Initiative, to raise awareness of the importance of childhood physicals, partnering with MS State Medical Association, MS Academy of Pediatrics, and MS Academy of Family Medicine.

Dr. Quinn’s training reflects his knowledge of the genetic, biologic, environmental, social and behavioral factors that contribute to obesity. Using therapeutic interventions including nutritional counseling, behavioral therapy, exercise physiology, and medications, Dr. Quinn helps individuals achieve weight loss.

In The News

Dr. Quinn is a trusted medical news commentator for local and national news with weekly segments on local news.  He is a published author of Dr. Quinn’s BLUEPRINT.  He believes that positive lifestyle changes implemented as an adjunct to traditional health care helps an individual achieve a high level of overall health.  He has dedicated his life to informing the community of attaining a healthier well-being.