Dr. Timothy Quinn

Timothy Quinn, M.D.

Timothy Quinn, M.D., practices family medicine and is the Medical Director and Owner of Quinn Healthcare. LLC located in the Metro Jackson community of Ridgeland, Mississippi. With over 10 years in private practice, Dr. Quinn is a community leader and public figure, and prominent African American physician whose primary focus and emphasis is on educating his patients and the public to create healthy life long habits. His vision and leadership is helping Mississippians learn how to begin healthy living by maintaining a healthy diet, developing a regular physical fitness routine – resulting in overall mind, body and soul wellness.

Dr. Quinn has lectured extensively on the topics of physical fitness and obesity prevention. Since 2010, Quinn Healthcare has serviced over 22,506 patients. Dr. Quinn believes health and wellness are the true keys to a successful life.  He desires to empower the community through education and physical fitness to combat obesity and its link to many illnesses.

Black Family Doctor in Ridgeland MS

Black Family Doctor in Ridgeland MS
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According to Nielson’s Ratings, Dr. Quinn reached an approximate total of 566,023 television viewers’ households through his television appearances that began in the year 2010. Per Nielson’s Ratings, that number of television viewers’ households is consistently increasing.  As per Magnolia Clipping Service*, Dr. Quinn appeared as an Expert Physician in the news, well over 100 times, since the year 2010.

*Magnolia Clipping Service is a comprehensive press clipping bureau offering media monitoring and tracking services concentrated in all Mississippi and Alabama publications.

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Black Family Doctor in Ridgeland MS