Treatments for Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes in Ridgeland MS

Diabetes Treatment

Reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that 100 million adults in the U.S. have diabetes or prediabetes as of 2015, with the incidence among children and teens also on the rise.

Diabetes is a condition that no one should take lightly. If left undiagnosed and untreated, it almost always leads to heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, blindness, amputation, and death.

Quinn Healthcare is dedicated to helping you avoid diabetes as much as possible or manage it sufficiently when the need arises.

Diabetes is your body’s inability to either produce insulin or use it correctly. It can be classified into Type 1, Type 2, and gestational diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes is a condition wherein the pancreas produces little or no insulin and is predominant in children and adolescents. Insulin is the hormone responsible for converting sugar into energy. Without it, people with diabetes need to receive insulin from an outside source.

Type 2 Diabetes occurs when your blood glucose or blood sugar level is too high, mainly due to your body’s increased insulin resistance. It is usually prevalent in adults. Patients with this type of diabetes have to monitor their blood sugar levels continually and diet to live a healthy lifestyle.

Gestational Diabetes is a temporary form of diabetes usually seen during pregnancy, ending its run shortly after giving birth. It has been reported that if you had gestational diabetes, you have a greater chance of developing Type 2 diabetes, so taking preventive measures is a must.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes

Doctors usually request a Glycated Hemoglobin or A1C test to either confirm or rule out if you have diabetes. It is a blood test that measures your average blood sugar levels as far back as 2 to 3 months prior. If the test results show a high hemoglobin level, it usually confirms that you have diabetes.

Managing diabetes should be started as soon as you confirm the diagnosis. The earlier you learn how to live with diabetes, the easier it will be for you to adjust your lifestyle to prevent debilitating complications.

The crucial elements of diabetes treatment include closely tracking your blood sugar, getting insulin therapy, taking diabetes medication, or, in severe cases, receiving a pancreas transplant.

If you have prediabetes, the chances are high that you can prevent the full onset of type 2 diabetes by working with your care team to outline an exercise and diet regimen that will help you delay it.

Advantages of Diabetes Education

The exact cause of diabetes has, up to now, been elusive to scientists. What is known is that genetics and environmental factors such as obesity and an inactive lifestyle are huge factors in its development.

Research shows that people with diabetes can live healthier lives when they have the proper education and continued support from a healthcare team.

Quinn Healthcare’s certified diabetes experts will work with you and your healthcare provider to help you control your disease so you can live healthier and happier with no worries about complications.

We also have group classes where you can connect with other individuals living with diabetes and thoroughly understand what you are going through.